3 places not to pay by credit card

credit card problem

Credit cards help make payments easily and securely. Although they seem the most comfortable payment option they are not always the best choice. Sometimes it is more convenient to use other forms of payment or simply avoid making purchases so as not to take unnecessary risks.


Here are 3 places where it is best not to use your plastic:

Bars and clubs

Bars and clubs

At the end of the party it’s always harder to make accounts. If you went out with friends there will always be someone who forgets how much he consumed or no longer has the necessary cash. In these situations the quick way out is to show your plastic triumphant and offer to pay and then agree more calmly. It is not always the best option. Most likely, you sign without checking that everything is in order. Details such as the exact amount, keep an eye on where your plastic is or the receipts you sign can go unnoticed. To avoid misunderstandings, look for another form of payment.


Shops with extra charge for card payment

Shops with extra charge for card payment

Although it should not happen, it is common for some stores or other commercial premises to charge an extra commission for paying by card. These types of practices are sanctioned by banks but they continue to occur and it is best to avoid them. If you found a good price for that product you were looking for and an extra charge will be made, even if it is small, it is not your best option. Here it is better to find another place that offers you a similar price without extra charges or using cash.


Unsecured e-commerce pages

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Online shopping is increasingly common. Security systems are reliable and as a buyer you feel more confident in giving your credit card details; However, it is important to take precautions. You will not always buy in the same electronic stores, which would be a way to guarantee that everything will work out well, so you have to verify some details before giving our data to a new site. Verify that it is a secure address, this you discover in the navigation bar of your browser, if the address begins with “https” it is designed so that no one else sees your data but it is not the only thing. Confirm the reputation of the online store before, a question in time to Google can avoid many headaches. If you find many complaints about the site it is best to save your plastic and buy somewhere else.

Act with confidence, choose your payment method well and enjoy the benefits that your plastic offers you.

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