What you should know about pet insurance?

Preventive pet care is expensive and costs increase exponentially if your pet suffers an injury or develops a serious illness. Unfortunately, medical care for pets is not always limited to annual checkups, mandatory vaccinations and preventive medications. We all like to think that our pets will stay healthy throughout their lives, but this is not […]

What does the minimum payment of a credit card mean?

As a cardholder it is your duty to know the meaning of the minimum payment of a credit card. This will prevent you from incurring default or over-indebtedness due to improper use of your card. The minimum payment is the lowest payment required by the lender to not declare your default. The default or financial […]

How to identify if a credit in UVR or in pesos suits you

In Colombia, to fulfill the dream of buying a home you can opt for different financing alternatives, including mortgage loans. At the same time, within these you can also choose between credits in pesos or in UVR, depending on which one suits your profile. Mortgage loans The credit in UVR, that is, in the Unit […]