Different types of stethoscope


A doctor is a qualified practitioner of medicine. To be a doctor, you are trained and given the license to treat the sick and the injured. They usually are trained according to different partaking in the field of medicine. A doctor who specifies on ears is known to be an otologist. He uses an instrument known as otoscope and another one known as a stethoscope for listening to the sounds produced in the body. A stethoscope is an instrument with magnifying and lighting systems, used to ease optic examination of the eardrum and auditory canal. A stethoscope consists of three parts: the handle, head, and cone. The handle contains a power for the light sources; head consists of the magnifying lens and light bulb while the cone is normally inserted into the ear canal.

Stethoscope examination is normally performed gently pulling the auricle upwards and 002backwards. In children, the auricle is normally pulled downwards and backwards. Ensure that you hold the stethoscope like a pencil and use the little finger has the fulcrum. It helps prevent injury should the patient turn abruptly. They are different types of stethoscope within our hospitals and clinics. Redirect here for the best stethoscope reviews. Based on a variety of features, stethoscope are available in several types.

Video stethoscope

This stethoscope consist of a video recording feature. Normally the video control records a clip and magnifies it before sending the output to the video screen. It can also be linked with a printer in order to print the condition of the ear drum. With the help of a video stethoscope, the otologist is able to easily and minutely monitor the ear canal. The video output can be magnified when connected to a bigger screen. Video stethoscope are available in different sizes. One should be selected based on the mobility, volume, patient and type of clinic.

Battery operated stethoscope

It normally provides a keen mobility for the user. Having this added mobility, the otologist can visit patients in a diversity of environments including senior care facilities, homes, school and business organizations. Using the device is simple for a trained professional. It’s a compulsory that before using the stethoscope, battery should be fully charged. This is to insure that they is a complete exam of every patient. Weak light output can make it difficult to properly diagnose a patient.

003Wall mount stethoscope

It is normally fixed on the wall as the name suggests and powered by AC power. An AC makes it reliable for long hours of use. Mobility is confined within the exam room only.