Signs that show whether to apply for credit or not

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Knowing how to say “no” is something difficult for many to learn, especially if it is to deny yourself certain expenses. They do not necessarily have to be unnecessary things, it may be the purchase of an appliance that was damaged, the repair of some part of your home or a personal project; but if the situation is not good.

Then it will have to be left for another opportunity

money cash

Self-assessment is an important step that must be taken before applying for any credit. Checking the state of your finances will help you know if borrowing money is something viable for you right now. Not much analysis is required, just pay attention to the small signs that appear on a day-to-day basis.

Here is a list of them so you can start to reflect on your relationship with money:

money cash

1. After paying your debts, you have no money available for savings.

2. You have become accustomed to paying the minimum card fee.

3. You don’t usually pay your debts on time.

4. You have started to buy with card what you used to buy with cash.

5. You are not clear about the total of all your debts.

6. Does not have an emergency fund.

If you identify these signs in your daily life, it means that debts are occupying a large part of your life, so the best thing to do is to postpone the expense you planned to make until you were more stable.

On the other hand, if you reviewed the list and that profile does not fit yours, it means that your financial life is orderly. If you have decided to apply for a free investment loan to meet the expense you had in mind, it is recommended that you first compare the different options available, so that it will be cheaper.


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