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Tips on managing herpes


Living with herpes can be a frustrating experience due to the pains that come with it. Fortunately, it is now possible to learn how to manage and eliminate herpes. Today, we have natural remedies at herpecillin.com that can be used in managing herpes. One thing that is unique about management and herpes is the fact that it requires a lot of patience. The reason why many people think herpes management is possible is due to the lack of patience in managing the condition. If you have been struggling with herpes, we now have some natural herpes management solutions to help you in your condition. Here are some of the tips to keep in mind.

How to manage herpes

Stay and clean and dry

When dealing with an outbreak, then sores and lesions can be quite disturbing. At this time, you need to keep the affected area clean and dry and possible. When fighting an infection, you might be tempted to scratch, and this only encourages the spread of infections and causes the symptoms to increase. If possible, make sure that you take a shower at least twice a day and also spread corn powder to stay dry.


Consider the clothing

The type of clothing that you wear when managing herpes is important. It is important to consider wearing loose fitting clothes that will not cause more irritation. The material that you choose also has a big influence. For instance, you should consider wearing absorbent materials like cotton and natural fibers. These are materials that will encourage absorption and keep the affected area as dry as possible.

Manage pain and swelling

Swelling and pain are common symptoms and especially when the virus is active. You should make sure that you look for a way to manage the pain and swelling as much as possible. For instance, when it comes to pain management, the best way to go about it is to use ice packs on the affected area. You can also take salt and baking soda baths to reduce the itching and also a pain. These actions might not treat the cause of herpes, but they will manage symptoms in a great manner.


Check your diet

It is possible to manage herpes just by checking the foods that you eat. When fighting a herpes outbreak, you should focus eating foods that are rich in L-lysine and low in arginine. These are foods that beans, fish, vegetable and most of the animal products.…