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Tooth restoration in San Antonio, TX


A missing tooth is one of the most common dental problems faced by many people in San Antonio, TX. Tooth loss is a big dental problem that can affect an individual’s personality and confidence. Especially a missing frontal tooth; affects your appearance and can make you avoid smiles. There are several reasons attributed to tooth loss, including periodontal disease, injury or aging. However, a lost tooth is no longer considered a cause of embarrassment with advanced development in the field of dental science. The best way to overcome this problem is restoring a tooth. With the advancements in dental technology, there are several different dental restoration options for a single or multiple dental loss.

Several simple, multiple, and front teeth restoration options are available today to facilitate the restoration of the healthy appearance of your teeth and also prevent your teeth from having dental problems due to breakage.


Dental Implantation

You may find four basic options for single or multiple tooth restoration, tooth restoration, fixed bridge, attached bridge, and removable devices. These options are best for safely repairing missing tooth or teeth. Among these four possibilities, dental restoration is the most successful and convenient option in San Antonio, TX.

A dental restoration is considered the most preferred option to replace a lost tooth. You, as a patient, must have a healthy bone and soft tissue to support restoration made of pure titanium. A dental implant procedure involves a screw made of a suitable surface material that helps it adhere to the bone. The implantation of the tooth is the restoration in the jaw at the site of your missing tooth. At least three months are provided for healing before placing the cap or crown on the screw. If done correctly through the professional dental process in San Antonio, TX and with the proper dental care on behalf of the patient, the restoration can last a lifetime.


This is a sure bet

As the restoration of the teeth is attached to the tissues of the gums and to the underlying bone of the mouth instead of joining with the adjacent teeth, there is little chance of having other dental problems due to the restoration of the teeth. Therefore, a dental restoration may be the right choice if you are healthy, have healthy gums, and there is a healthy bone in the jaw that is quite important to sustain restoration.


Why is it necessary to replace a missing tooth?

Loss of teeth is becoming quite common and can occur due to several reasons, such as tooth decay, failure of a root canal procedure, gum disease or even accidental breakage. If you lose permanent teeth, in addition to the aesthetic aspects, it can also drastically affect your health, as it can also deprive you of eating many of the nutritious foods your body needs. However, the problem of tooth loss can be solved by obtaining a dental restoration through a professional tooth restoration clinic. Although bridges and dentures are also restorative options, dental restoration is considered superior as it is more comfortable, safe, convenient and efficient.…